Thursday, October 30, 2014

on the line

Do you buy things online? (Or as Billy in the movie "The Internship" would say, "On the line?") Of course you do. Everyone does, right? I order things like Christmas presents and sometimes books and random things from Amazon. But what about groceries? Have you ever tried an online grocery service? Or what about kid bath stuff - shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion? Do you order those things or make the trek to the grocery store or Target each week like I do?

 Recently, I've been looking at Relay Foods and The Honest Company for ordering groceries and bath/laundry supplies. One of my neighbors gets a Relay Foods delivery every week and it looks so easy it makes me want to give it a try! Plus, you can find locally produced foods which appeals to me as well. I'm thinking of ordering a week's worth of groceries to see how I like it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I might actually miss my weekly trip to the store. I've been going at least once a week for at least 10 years now so it would be weird not to have to go!

I've also talked to a few moms about The Honest Company and they've all loved the cute diapers (although we don't need those anymore...hooray!) and other soaps and cleaning products.  Now, I'm not planning to give up my Method cleaning supplies anytime soon so I won't be ordering those, but I'd like to try the lotions and soaps and laundry supplies.  

Recently, I picked up some Honest Company shampoo and conditioner to try and am loving the way it smooths Annabel's hair.  The price was much more than what I'm used to paying - about $11 per bottle - but I can get it for less on the website by subscribing to a customizable monthly "bundle" package. I'm thinking this is the way to go since I can get five of their products for $35.95.  In November, I'd like to try another shampoo and conditioner, as well as the lotion, laundry soap, and hand soap.

Do you use these online services? Do you think it's better to shop in a store? If I give them I try, I'll let you know what I think!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Banks

I don’t know about you, but hands down, my favorite time to visit the ocean is during the autumn season. I can’t be sure when it happened, but my love of the hot summer months has definitely waned during adulthood, and given that I don’t really swim in the ocean anyway (I’ll blame an unnatural fear/fascination of sharks and other seemingly menacing salt water creatures) there doesn’t seem to be much point of sitting there in the scorching heat for eight hours at a time. But give me mild weather, a bathing suit/sweatshirt combo, an Amstel Light and the most recent copy of Martha Stewart Living and it’s a whole different story.

This past weekend, I got to indulge in that exact scenario, along with some of my favorite people. Robert, his good friend Robbie, Brigid and I spent a few days down in North Carolina, and we had the best time. We spent a few hours sitting on the beach each day, ate a lot of delicious seafood, spent some late nights playing cards and hanging out by the hot tub, and recovered in the mornings with Duck Donuts and coffee. Below are a few photos, if you’d like to see!

[We had gorgeous weather -- literally, blue sky with not a cloud in sight on Friday and Saturday.]

[Brig was brave and actually took a quick dip in the ocean!]

[me and my guy<3]

[By this point in time, there are probably about two million pictures of me and Brigid on the Internet. But I sort of love this one because we have laugh lines around our eyes. Is that weird?]

[We got hush puppies at Awful Arthurs on Friday night and they were so darn good. Every time I eat one I'm reminded of the way my cousin, Brett, described them to me over ten years ago: as "breaded funk."]

[So beautiful.]

[coconut shrimp]

[fish tacos]


[On Saturday night we hit The Rundown Cafe for mixed drinks and some light fare. If I was going to make recommendations, I'd say go with the two dishes above, and add the hummus.]

[best friend selfie. I can't get over how annoying I look here. haha]

[I used to love loaded up donuts, but I have to say, the "sand" donut (cinnamon/sugar) has taken over as my favorite. That being said, there was a delicious pumpkin donut that I wish I was eating right now.]

Thanks for the great weather, Outer Banks! Until next time. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

treat yourself

Every now and then when it's Monday, you've been up since 4am, nap time gets thrown out the window and...oh wait, did I already say it's only Monday?  I suggest you treat yourself to a little something special. 

Here's how to go about it...
 Grab your favorite kitchen helper and get her mixing up the dry ingredients of this delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

 Bake 'em up. 
And while they are baking sing a few Frozen tunes with your kitchen helper.
{side note: I read somewhere that chocolate chip cookies should be much bigger than we typically make them.  I always scoop mine with a 1/4 cup measuring cup.}

:::Here you can continue on with your normal, daily activities.:::

But, when your favorite kitchen helper goes to bed without a fight at 8pm sharp you should head to the kitchen to create this:

 And then you should promptly devour it .
You're welcome :o)

Monday, October 27, 2014

flying essentials

You guys, I had quite the weekend.  Will's sister and brother-in-law (you know, the ones with one three-year-old and three one-year-old triplets!) are making a HUGE move from Denver to Richmond this week and Phase One was what I like to call, "in-which-we-get-the-kids-to-Virginia-happy-and-in-one-piece." And I'm so glad to report that Phase One was a success! Me and another family member flew from Newport News at 6pm on Friday night, spent a night in a hotel, and flew back with Krista and the four kids on Saturday. I think we were actually in Denver for about 13 hours. It was a little bit of a whirlwind trip but let me tell you:  those children could not have been any better behaved. All three of the babies slept for at least 40 minutes during the three hour flight, and when they weren't sleeping they were content to play quietly with one of us in our seats. And Grayson was a champ and passed the time with books and an iPad and some snacks. There was no crying, no complaining, no difficulties at all. Truly, they were the perfect little travelers. I was amazed and honestly, relieved! :) I'm so happy to have them here staying with us this week before they move into their new house on Friday, and here in the same state, soon to be only a short 25 minute drive away! 

My quick trip prompted me to come up with a little list of flying essentials.  Since I was sharing a carry-on bag with my travel buddy, I didn't have room for anything extra, but knew I had to have certain things to make the trip as easy and as comfortable as possible.  Here's what I came up with:

In my carry-on:
-1 change of clothes
(with warm socks because my feet are always cold)
-cozy pajamas
(to hopefully make sleeping in a new bed a little easier - sadly, this didn't work for me)
(you can get everything else at the hotel)
-a good book
(I always have to have something to do)
-snacks and a bottle of water
(I took a mix of banana chips, raisins, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds, a granola bar, and some Reese's Pieces, as well as some goldfish for the kids)
-Vitamin C drops
(for that extra immune boost)
-a travel pack of tissues 
(I always need tissues)
-small board books and a few small toys
(After all, I was traveling with children!)

In my purse:

You might be surprised to see that I didn't include knitting on my list, but I didn't want it to get tangled up in my carry-on with the toys. I could just see my ball of yarn rolling under the seats in front of me as I pulled out another book. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it on the flight out though.

What do you think of my list? Would you add anything? Leave anything out?

Hope you have a great week!  I'll be here, hanging out with 6 adorable kids!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Photo Friday!

Fun with their awesome package from Aunt Bear and Uncle Robert :)
Packages in the mail are definitely the best!  Thanks for thinking of the kids, Care!  They loved their package!  Hope you've had a good week!  Honestly, I'm glad this one's about over.  Thanks for reading this week, and have a great weekend!

We are at the beach! After a 2.1 day work week (that felt like 17) we drove down to NC for a little R&R. We've been having fun eating seafood, checking out the dunes, doing a little outlet shopping and playing cards at night. If only times like these could last forever.;) 
Have a wonderful weekend! xoCarrie

We have so much halloween fun going on this week!  We went to the parade last night and had so much fun!  Tomorrow we are heading to a fall festival, trunk or treating and a halloween bash at the Y!  Can't wait to share our little Elsa's costume with you next week.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

did you know?

Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + candy eyeballs + Betty Crocker Cake Icing =

Mummy Cookies?!

Okay, honestly -- who am I kidding? These are all over the internet. But I love Halloween and I love chocolate chip cookies and I love adding features to inanimate things. So I made these on Sunday night when I should have been watching Homeland and then promptly tried to ignore the fact that my apartment was filled with delicious sweets. The only problem was that these cookies really stared at me until I ate them.

I think it's safe to say these mummies won't be coming back from the dead. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

the perks of being an aunt

When we were in Maine back at the beginning of August, there was an afternoon when my nephew Tommy really wanted a chocolate chip cookie. And given that it was getting close to dinnertime, my responsible, older sister did the right thing by telling him that he could have a couple of slices of fruit instead. I am not often one to go against the grain, but at that moment I happened to have a couple of cookies in my hand, and Tommy was staring at them longingly. And so I quietly showed him one, set it on the table behind me and walked away. When I turned back he was taking a bite and giving me the biggest, most adorable smile ever. Sorry Chels!! But it was worth it. :)

It is situations like these that make me love being an aunt. And it was the look on Tommy's face that I had in my mind when I wandered through the aisles of Target to put together some fun Halloween care packages for my nieces and nephews.

[cute cards]

[gummy monsters]

[spooky stickers]

[peanut butter pumpkins & bright bracelets]

[fanged mustaches]

[spider rings & candies]

[put it all together]

Happy Halloween littles!! Look for a package coming your way!