Monday, November 30, 2015

wooly winter

Happy Monday! WeThree sincerely hope you had a Thanksgiving holiday filled with your favorite people and good food and counted blessings. Truly, we are rich in blessings, aren't we? I'm feeling so fortunate and am glad to know that all I have is all I really need. Perhaps if you look around, you'll realize that that is true for you as well. 

After two family celebrations and an outing with cousins to the movies, our family headed to a local Christmas tree farm to pick out our Christmas trees. This year, we learned from our mistakes and put the trees in the back of the car instead of on top so there was no chance of them falling off. We got them home and up and decorated and also put out our Christmas decorations. With the Christmas music in the background and a warm fire burning and a few candes lit around the room, it was a great way to spend the afternoon. This year has really flown by so I wasn't feeling completely ready for the holidays, but getting the tree up always helps. Now we just need some cold weather to go with it. When we were picking out a tree, there were people walking around in shorts! 

This year, I'm especially looking forward to the cold now that I've finally made progress in my knitted wardrobe. Ever since I started feeling better back in September, I've been knitting in every bit of my spare time. I've made a shawl, a hat, and three cowls and have also made significant progress on a blanket I've been working on for a few years now. 

That photo above includes three of my recent projects and three from last year. I've already given away one of the cowls I made this year and am working on a couple others for gifts. And although I had planned to keep the shawl and newest cowl for myself, I love love love giving my projects away and may end up boxing them up for gifts. 

I know for sure that I'll be keeping these three for myself. I made the honey comb cowl (a FREE pattern on Ravelry) and fingerless gloves last year and love them. After searching forever for the perfect hat pattern, I found it in the Romantique pattern (also from Ravelry). I splurged on the most amazingly squishy yarn that made the hat so soft and warm. I can't wait to wear it all winter. It was my first experience with cables (so fun and easier than I thought!) but it won't be my last. Hoping to make a few more of these for gifts this month. Such a fun and quick little project. I've loved working on these and am looking forward to finishing a few more in the next few weeks.

With December starting tomorrow, I've been thinking hard about my personal theme for the month. I have a few ideas but nothing has stuck yet. Guess I've still got a few more hours to figure it out! The past few years, I've used Be Prepared, Don't Rush, and Be Quiet. Hopefully I'll have my 2015 choice ready by tomorrow. Once I have that nailed down I'll be ready to enjoy a cozy December.

Annabel and I say, "Bring it on." We're ready. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we head into Thanksgiving week, WeThree want to wish you and your family a holiday filled with good food, good company, and plenty of reasons to give thanks. If you have some time, take a few minutes to make a list of what you're thankful for. Definitely a good idea and a great reminder to not take the little things for granted.

We're taking the week off to fully enjoy the holiday but will be back the following week to start getting ready for Christmas! Can you believe it's only a month away?! 2015 has flown by. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Simple Things

I will be the first one to admit that work has left me feeling a little...stressed as of late. And while I absolutely LOVE this time of year, I have to say that the lack of sunlight (& fresh air) hasn't been helping the situation. I go through this every year, in some capacity, and so I know that I can do some things to help remedy the situation -- adding a little more meditation to my days, ensuring I make it to zumba and yoga, and taking a flax seed supplement, to name a few. But I also know that mindset plays a huge role in how I feel on a day-to-day basis, and so I've been making a conscious effort to notice the simple things that enrich even the worst of days. Below are a few moments I captured, if you'd like to see!

[a Saturday morning cup of coffee, made more beautiful by Instagram]

[a Saturday morning puff pancake, that needs no beautification]

[a subtle reminder from my favorite blogger that you can't be everything to everyone 
-- it made me laugh]

[a dinner out with my favorite guy...<3]

[....& my very best friend]

[the beautiful soundtrack to this movie (the best way to drown out noisy work neighbors)]

[the red cup. say what you will, but I love it, especially when it's filled with vanilla latte]

[a stunningly beautiful fall evening]

[a one-year-old's birthday party]

[an epic cheese plate]

[hot buttered rum from Home 231]

[a weeknight dinner featuring the fall food group of butternut squash]

Have the best weekend. :) xoCarrie

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

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Today I am thankful for my very best friends, Brigid & Mary, Boosk & Dino, Is-so & As-so. They've made life better for years. :) xoCarrie

Today I am extra thankful for my 2 sisters.  These two are my besties forever and I am incredibly blessed by their love, support and friendship.  I am so thankful for days when we are able to catch up in person and can't wait until I see them again.  
<3 Dana

Monday, November 16, 2015

pray for Paris

Although I had a different post planned for today, I feel like WeThree need to stop and acknowledge all those that are hurting in France after the events of the weekend. I don't know how you feel about it or what you think should be done about it, and at this point, I'm not even sure what I think. But I do know for certain that I'll be praying for the people affected by this tragedy and although it's hard, I'll also pray for the people who caused it. 

Sadly, these days it's so easy to look around at our world and find violence and pain and hatred and terror. And if I think about those things for too long, fear and uncertainty and anxiety take over and I find myself imagining the possibility of even more violence. But I can't do that anymore. Instead of focusing on ugly, I choose to focus on beauty. Because I bet that for every story of violence and hatred that happened over the weekend, there are an equal amount of stories of people helping people. People who stepped up to lend a hand, people who made sacrifices for the good of others, people who put their own needs aside to help someone else. And that's beautiful, even if the circumstances surrounding those actions are the worst kind of ugly. 

So I'll pray for Paris. And I'll pray for the people who are responsible. And I'll pray for peace. And I hope you will, too.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Growing up with sisters is so much fun and I was blessed with the best of the best, Chelsey and Dani, my best friends & the co-writers of this blog. We don't see each other nearly as much as I'd like, but sharing this little blog keeps us connected in a way that I'm not sure we would be otherwse. Girls, I love you so much and am so thankful to have you both. xoCarrie
[photograph courtesy of Cindy Roth Photography]

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What are you thankful for this week?

Monday, November 9, 2015

paying attention to details

Recently, I found a new-to-me author that I wanted to tell you about. Have you ever read anything by Ruth Reichl? She was the restaurant critic for both the LA Times and the NY Times, editor of Gourmet magazine, and she's written several books from cookbooks, to memoirs, to fiction. For the last month or so, I've been reading and/or listening to four of those books because I can't seem to get enough. I just love her writing. The way she describes food and life is so...mesmerizing. It feels so luxurious (perhaps because the food she's describing is also luxurious) and almost enchanting. I get lost in her descriptions and find myself imagining each and every detail as if I were right there, sitting next to her, experiencing everything for myself. If you're not a fan of details (Wikipedia notes Reichl's "fierce attention to detail and adventurous spirit"), you might find her work a little bit wordy, but as someone who loves them, I can't get enough. 

After reading four of her books back-to-back, I find that her detailed way of writing and thinking has started to rub off on me. For dinner the other night, I made one of our old stand-bys, pasta with peas and a simple salad. Since the recipe for the pasta is one that I keep stored away in my head, and since I don't ever measure anything, opting instead to just taste as I go (a much more difficult task now that my diet is so strict, but one tiny dip of the spoon doesn't seem to hurt), I am free to think about other things as I make the recipe on auto-pilot. As I was doing just that on Thursday night, I found myself, in my mind, describing every minute detail that happened as I was cooking...

"...Adding a slab of sweet, yellow butter to the pan, she watched as it quickly turned to a fragrant, sizzling liquid. She drizzled in the cream, swirling it around and around with the spoon, enjoying the way the colors slowly came together, two into one. Parmesan came next, sprinkled in like snow flakes. Handfuls of tiny green peas speckled the sauce like emeralds, lending their pop of sweetness..."

Obsessive or just paying attention? Maybe both. But Ruth Reichl has me noticing the ordinary and seemingly mundane moments of my days, which I don't think is a bad thing. Paying attention to details keeps me out of my own sometimes-crazy and never-ending thoughts and helps me to focus enough to slow down and enjoy the process.

Remember my peace in the process post? Reading back over that one, it feels like a little bit of foreshadowing what with all the mess I went through over the summer. And I'm big enough to admit to completely forgetting about the words that I, myself, wrote about slowing down and realizing that things will get better and finding peace in the waiting. But now that I'm coming out on the other side of all of this, I can look back and see that there were definitely times where I was forced to slow down. Forced to wait. Forced to be still. And once I started to feel a little better, I tried to jump right back in and keep going and never stop. But I'm still not physically able to do that and the truth is, I don't really want to do that. I want to find a good balance between doing and being. Ruth Reichl and her detailed descriptions of everyday life are helping me to slow down and find that balance. To pay attention to the small stuff. To enjoy the process of feeding my family so that I can sit down at the table feeling refreshed instead of rushed. How many times will it take for me to learn this lesson? I don't know. Hopefully this time, it will stick.

So far I've read, "Tender at the Bone," "Comfort Me with Apples," "Garlic and Sapphires," and "Delicious." I loved all of them and will be heading to our local library later today to see what else I can find. In the meantime, while I'm on a temporary Ruth Reichl break, I'm about 100 pages into Maria Semple's "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" and am enjoying it so far. I love it when a book provides a few hours of good entertainment and teaches me a lesson. Have you learned anything from your books lately? I'd love to know what you're reading.